Saturday, August 20, 2022

Show 148 - My Altair 8800 Adventure, Part I

In Show 148, I talk about my continuing adventure with a generous donation I received of MITS Altair equipment. It's been quite a ride!

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Lee Lawson said...

Yay you are back! It feels great to hear your voice in the podcast again. You are always refreshing on RCR, but this is where I look forward to hearing more. Keep on keepin on!

superjer2000 said...

Really enjoyed the podcast! I hope you find the time to keep it up as I am curious to hear more about the Altair 8800 story that started on RCR. I'm also happy to see the library of prior podcasts I can go back and listen to.

I laughed pretty hard at the "Put on your seatbelts, it's time to catch up on 8 years of retro-computing news."

Tom said...

Just discovered your podcast. But unfortunately, there are no current and new episodes. Hope more are coming. Regards from Germany.

emma-lina said...

Hello Emma here if you remember, stumbeled on your reboot but saw it was soon 1 years ago. Hopefully we get a new episode soon!

Karamoon said...

Earl, this was a true pleasure to listen to. Can we expect Part 2 in 2024?