Saturday, January 8, 2011

Retrochallenge Step 1 COMPLETE (pics to come)

Hi all,

I successfully soldered up a cable, hooked up the PET 2001-8N and the SFD-1001, then proceeded to format a disk. Saved a BASIC program and loaded it back up - worked like a charm!

Retrochallenge Step 1 COMPLETE.

One speed bump - my SFD-1001 has a homebrew-added DIP socket on the front (lower-right side). I thought it might be a device select, but was assured it wasn't. Well, it was. When the drive refused to talk, I traced the wires back to the drive internals, and found that it had been hacked into the chip sockets where the device select is set. Hooked up a jumper, and blammo, drive working!

I have LOTS of free blocks. This drive stores 1 MB per floppy (!). Now I've got somewhere to put all the programs - ever made - and then some - for my 8K PET :-) Guess I'd better start writing some of my own programs!

Pics (and video?) to come...

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Wholly said...

Is step two to fill an entire 1 meg disk with basic programs of your own devising?